Tubebuddy Review 2022: The Ultimate Guide to the Best YouTube Plugin

One of the most famous social media sites is YouTube. Currently, there are millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every day. Many of these videos are created by small-time YouTubers and major corporations alike. Despite this, it can be difficult to find the best plugin for your needs.

This review will help you decide which plugin is best for your needs. We’ll go over how the plugin works, what features it offers, and how much it costs. To wrap up our review, we’ll also provide a few customer reviews from other users who’ve used the product before. Hopefully, this information will help you make an informed decision about what kind of plugin you want for your YouTube channel!

Comparison of YouTube Plugins

There are many different YouTube plugins available on the market today. Some of them offer features other than just uploading videos. Many of these features, like live streaming, ad revenue sharing, and more, can be tailored to your specific needs. The best thing about these plugins is that they are relatively inexpensive.

We’ll go over a few of the most popular YouTube plugins available for purchase today.

Tubebuddy Review


TubBuddy is the only plugin you need for YouTube, with lots of features that help you manage and grow your channel. This plugin provides a variety of features to help you automate common processes like scheduling videos, responding to comments and likes, and more. TubBuddy also increases your visibility by allowing people who are subscribed to your channel to find it more easily. Lastly, TubBuddy allows you to track how many views each video is getting as well as find out what your most popular videos are.

TubBuddy’s best feature is its automation capabilities. With this plugin, you can set up automated tasks like scheduling tweets from the YouTube app itself or automatically liking other channels’ videos when they comment on yours. For marketers, this means more time for creativity rather than managing mundane tasks and less time spent doing tedious work like manually answering comments on YouTube.

What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy is a social media plugin that allows you to share your YouTube videos to other sites. This is perfect for small-time YouTubers who want to promote their videos.

Tubebuddy has a lot of different features, including:

-An automatic thumbnail generator that can pull stills from the video or create one specifically for the post

-Embedding YouTube links into your posts

-A button that lets visitors subscribe to your channel without leaving the site you’re sharing on

How does Tubebuddy work?

Tubebuddy is a plugin that allows users to insert YouTube videos on any website. It takes only a few minutes to install and start using the plugin. You can choose to integrate with YouTube or upload videos from your computer. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an account at Tubebuddy first. Once you complete this, you’ll be able to insert YouTube videos into any website.

This plugin comes with all of the features necessary for successful video marketing on the web:

– Embedded videos

– Customized player size

– Customized playlist length

– Playlist integration (turning multiple videos into one) – Social media integration (linking your account)

Tubebuddy Features

Tubebuddy is one of the most popular YouTube plugins on the market. It’s also a free plugin, which means that you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to use it! Tubebuddy offers many features, including:

-Data Export: You can export all of your data from Tubebuddy to Microsoft Excel or CSV files. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress and see how much you’ve accomplished since you first started using the plugin.

-Easy Scheduling: With Tubebuddy’s easy scheduling feature, you can plan out your content and decide when each video will publish. This saves you time because you don’t have to worry about publishing at specific times anymore.

-Live Watch Counter: This feature lets viewers know exactly how many people are watching live streams of their videos. This is great for small businesses who want more exposure but don’t have a lot of fans yet.

-Video Analytics: With video analytics, you’ll be able to see what kind of comments are being made on your videos and how many views they’re getting. You’ll also be able to see what kind of content is trending on YouTube so that you can continue uploading similar videos as well as find new topics to cover if necessary.


& Features

The Tubebuddy plugin is available for both PC and Mac. It can be used on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Edge. The plugin is offered in a monthly rate at $3 to $26.50 or a yearly recurring rate at $28.80 to $254.40.

Additionally, the plugin has a 15-day free trial so you can see if it’s right for you before making the decision to purchase it.

The plugin offers users the ability to grow their subscriber count by up to 25% with its built-in clickable thumbnail viewer and social sharing features. You can also use this plugin as your YouTube player so you won’t have to leave YouTube every time you want to watch your videos. The Tubebuddy plugin also allows for various customization options including font size, text color and background color for your video player page, post notifications, and more!

Reviews from Other Users

“I found the plugin to be very helpful in terms of helping me organize my videos. The plugin even has a pause feature which allows me to quickly stop recording when needed and then resume recording. I also like how the plugin automatically adds useful metadata to the video without having to do much of anything.”

“This plugin is so great! I uploaded my video and it was out there for the entire world to see immediately. It was amazing how quickly it was live on my channel. Tubebuddy is my favorite YouTube plugin.”

“I love this plugin for YouTube because it has a variety of awesome features that make it easy for me to upload videos fast and easy. The quality of the videos is never compromised, which is great!”

“Tubebuddy has been an amazing tool for my YouTube channel. I’ve been able to find relevant keywords easily, and I have more control over the time they’re available on my account. It’s made everything so much easier than before.”

Positive Reviews

“This plugin is perfect for what I need! It’s not too complicated and it offers a variety of features.”

“This plugin is simple yet effective. Everything seems to be running smoothly and as expected.”

Negative Reviews

Though Tubebuddy seems to be a great plugin, it does have its downsides. One of the biggest concerns people had was that the plugin required you to pay for a subscription in order to use its full potential. This can be disheartening for some people who want to use the plugin but don’t want to spend more money on their YouTube channel.

Another downside is that if the plugin isn’t working properly, there’s no one to contact for help. Typically, with other plugins, there’s a customer service phone number or an email that can be contacted. With Tubebuddy, there are no contact options available if you experience any issues with the plugin.


After reviewing all of the available YouTube plugins, Tubebuddy is by far the best option for most people. It offers the simplest and most customized platform for existing YouTube users. It also provides a more engaging experience for viewers.

Tubebuddy starts at $ 29 per month for the basic package. This includes the basic features like adding videos, setting up playlists, sharing to social media, etc. Some of the features require an additional cost. For example, premium branding features cost $149 per year. Tubebuddy pro is $ 69 per month and has more advanced features such as video editing and analytics.

In terms of reviews, Tubebuddy has many positive reviews with people praising it for being easy to use and customizable.


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