Internet Scams – Don_t Be a Victim

As more and more people use the internet as an essential part of their standard daily schedule, the degree of blackmail on the internet is likely to increase. Unfortunately, there are many types of blackmail, but in this article we will look at three of the most obvious.

419 counterfeit or counterfeit Nigerian parts

Also, 4-1-9, called Tariff Fraud (AFF), has been designated as a false part of Nigeria’s penal code, considered blackmail. Although these scams started in Nigeria, they can come from anywhere. If you manage to get back into the account, which is probably the best position, you will lose enough money; Under the most suspicious circumstances, you will lose your life. They usually start with an email from a bank employee, a relative of a recently fired African president, and the main concern is that when the deal fails, he will ask for money to bring money. Try not to try to respond to these messages in these circumstances, people have disappeared after these dangers.

press the seal

Phishing scams can be confusing, as scammers send messages to countless email addresses claiming to be from a financial institution, asking you to log in and confirm your exact details. The email, with each of the logs, gives the impression that it is correct and contains a connection you want to click on. Assuming you have a history of fake money, it’s unreasonable to click a link and log into your “your” account, but this isn’t your business or bank.

The scammers will create a website to share a lot of data about you, name, visa accuracy, bank access, secret key, PIN and so on. Once they have this information, they can access your dated property and all of this and most importantly, the circumstance, your person. Stay away from these scams and never click on a contact in this email, and no bank will send you messages asking you to log in and confirm your exact details.

car dealer fraud

Assuming you send an online notification about a vehicle, boat, or bicycle, you might get one of these tricky confirmations. You will receive an e-mail from abroad in which you will be informed that you wish to purchase your vehicle and organize the transport course. Upon approval, you will receive a letter or a teleport via the post office within two days with the amount you offered for the car plus transportation costs.

Assuming you are a qualified professional, you will feel that the check will be blank and then you will bring the mail. The scammers trust therefore, the check will be cleared in about 3 weeks, even a month later, after which your bank will withdraw the money and go out and send it. The best way to avoid this scam is not to present your car to someone who has to pay for the source.

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